Athena Institute – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Athena believes that science should actively contribute to a healthy, inclusive and sustainable world. As a scientific research and education institute, studying and designing science-society interfaces, we are pursuing this vision by analysing and integrating diverse perspectives and enabling joint action. The four domains of Athena’s research program are: Emerging science and technology, Health and well-beingEnvironment and sustainabilityEducation and innovation. 

Athena will conduct the preparatory research activities in order to create an overview of the innovation ecosystems of the case studies areas. It will analyse the cultural conditions shaping co-creation and public engagement in KETs industry contexts. It will also develop and establish qualitative criteria for assessing the impacts of co-creation on industry prioritisation, and will collect best practices for co-creative engagementAll-in-all, Athena is responsible for paving the way and providing all relevant prior knowledge needed to design and execute the engagement experiments. 

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