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The SocKETs project contributes to exploring and experimenting with co-creation in the European Research and Innovation ecosystem. SocKETs created the conditions to explore productive collaborations between industrials and various societal actors, especially citizen organisations, to develop new values, concepts, solutions, products or services.

Many projects and initiatives already paved the way and produced noteworthy tools and resources to help stakeholders such as policy-makers, researchers, technology owners, business owners set up co-creation and societal engagement processes. Depending on the context, the co-creation can materialise at different stages of the innovation trajectory: sharing the production activities, adding values to the innovation development, co-developing priorities, expectations and concerns, etc. There are tools, methodology and recommendations for every situation.

Our co-creation corner provides resources and tools, created by us or by others, to support you in moving towards more inclusiveness in your Research and Innovation activities.

Tech Industry’s Guide

Get inspired to undertake societal engagement and commit to responsible innovation


Visit “Let’s tech together!”, the SocKETs exhibition, and learn more about the role of society in innovation

The voices

Twelve video testimonials from industry players, policymakers and other stakeholders involved in our Labs

SocKETs Briefs

A concise version of the lessons learned from the project, curated for industry, manufacturers, procurers and professional users

SocKETs reading room

A library of useful resource coming out of SocKETs to boost your societal engagement ambitions

Societal engagement stories

Multimedia stories that immerse you in projects engaging citizens and society with societal and technological challenges

Co-creation tools

Existing tools and methodologies that caught our attention, regularly updated with our latest finds

Citizen Engagement Quarterly

SocKETs contributes to a collaborative newsletter with 4 EU-funded projects. We share our latest activities, lessons learned and upcoming opportunities related to citizen engagement, co-creation and participatory processes.