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Automation system

– Lab Description

Due to recent developments in Artificial Intelligence techniques such as machine learning, deep learning, artificial neural networks natural language processing, computer vision and others, great developments have taken place in the automation of different routine tasks. These achievements have made possible some disruptive innovations such as autonomous cars, digital assistants and automated warehouse management, while at the same time they have started to spark automation anxieties and concerns about the future of work and massive unemployment and deskilling.

This SocKETs Lab will create a community of practice industry representatives, citizens and stakeholders to discuss, think, prototype and solutions that can put citizens at the centre of tech developments and how society can benefit from these innovations. Several companies, research centres, universities, policy makers and procurers will take part in the case.

Within the lab, Tecnalia will discuss aspects related to potential transformation of the job, of the qualifications or ages necessary to work with technology that amplify the physical or cognitive abilities of people or workers, addressing changes in work regulation, market, relations, qualifications.

Also, other aspects related to the relations, behaviours, understanding between people, and tech will be considered and addressed.

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Raúl Tabares – Email

Izaskun Jimenez – Email


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