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– Lab Description
The Danish Technological Institute will be working with eHealth and monitoring and diagnosis solutions. E-Health refers to electronic devices monitoring specific physiological/biological parameters, such as ECG, temperature, blood pressure, etc. The fitness and health of citizens can be constantly monitored, making doctors’ visits reduced to only when needed.

Several outreach activities will be conducted in the Danish SocKETs Lab which includes webinars, workshops & seminars etc. These co-creation activities will involve a diverse range of stakeholders that are interested in different eHealth monitoring and diagnosis devices.  A co-creation dialogue between the different stakeholders will be initiated. Involving the broadest possible range of stakeholders in the  innovation process​ will of course result in challenges but also reveal great possibilities for new insight for the different stakeholders. 

The Danish SocKETs Lab will work with stakeholders and citizens to understand their interest, needs, wishes on actual and potential applications in the e-health field, with a focus on wearables devices combining printed electronic, internet of things and artificial intelligence solutions. They will explore issues related to changes in behaviours, relationships between people and healthcare providers, health data management (privacy, data breach, misuses), reliability and trust on AI-based diagnosis, impact on the healthcare system (costs, infrastructures), sustainability aspects of wearable devices.

The lab will take advantage of DTI existing cooperation with technology developers, manufactures, procurers (e.g. hospitals) and end-users in the area of e-health devices and printed electronics, in particular the DTI connection with the test bed project LEE-BED (DTI coordinator, running till 2022).

– Contact
Kasper Vestentoft, Email
DTI, Danish Technological Institute

Nina Ritter Nielsen, Email
DTI, Danish Technological Institute

Zachary J. Davis,
DTI, Danish Technological Institute


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