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– Innovation and cultural ecosystems

Innovation ecosystem maps

This report provides an analysis of the six innovation eco-systems in which the SocKETs labs will be implemented: innovation context, application scenarios, barriers and opportunities for the introduction of new technologies, key actors, relations and networks involved, etc.

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Cultural conditions for public engagement in KETs

This report sketches a picture of what could be of influence in the six European countries in which a SocKETs lab will be implemented. It explores the cultural conditions for co-creation and public engagement with Key Enabling Technologies.

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– CoCreation

Concept and guidelines for codesign

This manual describes the SocKETs methodology for co-creation and societal engagement. It provides a field guide to help the SocKETs project team members setting up and developing the SocKETs labs.

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Case reports and recommendations of tools

This report compiles the journeys followed by the six SockETS labs, deployed in six different countries to engage citizens in the development of different key enabling technologies. It also shares some recommendations for policymakers, industrialists, technologists, and researchers that want to promote societal engagement around KETs, emphasizing the main challenges that can emerge during these processes.

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Reflexive evaluation of engagement in innovation

This report presents the methodology for evaluation of the SocKETs labs, which are established to experiment with co-creation and societal engagement in the development of KETs’ applications to societal challenges.

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– toolbox

A framework for the SocKETs toolbox

This report presents a draft framework for the SocKETs toolbox that will offer industry and other stakeholders a set of tools for facilitating societal engagement in Key Enabling Technologies (KETs).

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Concept and draft layout for the SocKETs toolbox

This report includes a desktop study on other toolboxes, the process foreseen for developing the SocKETs toolbox, and a draft storyboard of how the SocKETs toolbox could be designed.

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– SocKETs Communication

Communication plan

This report outlines the communication and dissemination activities that will be developed within the SocKETs’ project lifespan. The participatory and interactive approach developed by SocKETs will contribute to enhancing public understanding of cutting-edge technologies and their diverse applications.

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