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Existing tools and methodologies that caught our attention, regularly updated with our latest finds

Co-creation recommendations

inspiring practices – by gonano project

Video portraits to discover people behind five noteworthy co-creation projects sharing what recommendations may be derived from it for organising co-creation

RRI toolkit

tool – by rri tools

A research engine to find RRI resources: tools, inspiring practices, projects and library elements

Toolkit for researchers and engineers

toolkit – by gonano project

A six-step approach to help researchers and engineers define their goal, identify the relevant stakeholders and design, implement and reflect on the co-creation process

Co-creation navigator

toolkit – by waag

An online navigator guiding stakeholders through the different stages of co-creation, from preparation to execution, and directs users to tools and methods that help them in each stage.. It helps people who wish to work with a diverse group of citizens, users and/or stakeholders to develop new products, experiences and/or services.

Action Catalogue for inclusive research

tool – by engage2020 project

An online decision support tool to enable researchers, policy-makers and others to find the method best suited for conducting inclusive research

Self-Reflection tool on RRI

tool – by rri tools

A self-reflection tool to develop and enrich research and innovation practices

Responsive Nanotechnologies R&I

training materials – by gonano project

Training materials for researchers and engineers to support the realization of a responsive nanotechnologies research and innovation

Co-Creation Toolkit for managers, innovators or researchers

toolkit – by living innovation

A guidance on the design, development and implementation of effective co-creation in industry-citizen collaboration settings

Co-construction workshop guidelines

tool – by resagora project

A step by step instructions tool on how to do build a RRI co-construction workshop encouraging reflective processes to help stakeholders make research and innovation more responsible and sustainable.

Social Readiness Thinking Tool

tool – by newhorrizon

Practical guidance for researchers who wish to mature the societal readiness of their work

Co-creation for society in innovation and science

toolkit – by siscode project

The SISCODE toolkit is a selection of co-creation tools to be used in every stage of the co-creation journey: Analyse the Context, Reframe the Problem, Envision Alternatives, Prototype and Experiment.

Tools for the co-creation of innovations for the city

toolkit – by UNaLab project

The UNaLab Toolkit collects tools used for the co-creation and experimentation of innovative solutions in a real-life urban environment together with the engagement of citizens and all relevant stakeholder groups in a city.