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A library of useful resource coming out of SocKETs to boost your societal engagement ambitions

Cultural conditions for public engagement in KETs

The different relationships between science, innovation, technology and the public, influence how people view innovations and technology, but also influence their views on co-creation. These views are shaped by the historical context and dynamics present in different cultural settings. Crucial for the quality of engagement, cultural factors must be taken into account. This report explores the cultural conditions that could be of influence for setting up co-creation and public engagement activities with Key Enabling Technologies in the six countries in which a SocKETs lab was implemented. Download the file below to access the analysis in Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Serbia and Spain.

Authors: L. Augustijn, W.Willems, J. Nabuurs, F. Kupper – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Athena Institute

Guidelines for co-creation in industry

This manual describes the SocKETs methodology for co-creation and societal engagement. It provides a field guide to help research and innovation agencies and informal science institutions set up and develop a co-creation lab.

Authors: Javier Mendibil, Raúl Tabarés, Ana Arroyo, Izaskun Jimenez (Tecnalia)

Innovation ecosystem maps

KETs-based innovation is expected to introduce radical changes in society: in the interactions between people and between different stakeholders towards more collaboration. The nature of work, habits and approaches could radically change, especially in the sector of building, eHealth and industrial automation. In this context, participatory processes such as co-creation aligning technological innovations with the society’s values, needs and concerns are much needed. But are the innovation ecosystems ready for that? Download the report below to get the analysis of six innovation ecosystems in Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Serbia and Spain: application scenarios, barriers and opportunities for the introduction of new technologies, key actors, relations and networks involved, etc.

Authors: Daniela Pimponi and Andrea Porcari – Airi, Nina Ritter Nielsen and Zachary J. Davis – DTI, Raúl Tabarés, Ana Arroyo, Izaskun Jimenez – Tecnalia, Albena Vutsova and Tzvetanka Angelova – CRA, Helin Haga – AHHAA and Slavica Duković – CPN

Recommendations on tools for industry

Based on the empirical evidence produced by the Sockets labs, the SocKETs project provides a set of recommendations with hints and guidelines that can be of help for industry to work co-creatively with society on developing KETs for solving societal challenges. This document is a chosen piece of a more comprehensive report about the SocKETs labs journey. The full report is available in the resources section of the website.

Authors: Javier Mendibil, Raúl Tabarés, Ana Arroyo, Izaskun Jimenez (Tecnalia)