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– Lab Description

The topic of healthcare is very sensitive for Bulgarian society. The healthcare system in the country has witnessed several unfortunate reforms for the last 20 years, a chronic lack of funds and medical personnel and a profound lack of trust from the patients.

The discussion on eHealth will provoke a shift in the way the Bulgarian society regards healthcare services and the technologies involved. It will engage citizens in dialogue and co-creation based on their priorities, expectations and concerns.

The Center for Research and Analysis intends to focus on KETs applications in diseases monitoring, innovative devices and practices, ICT applications and platforms that are user-friendly, non-invasive and can be used in a non-hospital environment.

The study will involve technology products and services offered by private owners – mainly start-ups having emerged in the period after 2015 using KETs applications such as the Internet of Medical Things, Mobile devices for health indicators monitoring involving also Artificial Intelligence.

Two main devices for monitoring have been selected for the SocKETs lab:

  • device for health indicators monitoring in real life, offering channel patient – doctor/hospital;
  • wearable device for athletes’ performance measuring.

– Contact

Albena Vutsova, Email
CRA, Center for Research and Analysis

Tzvetanka Angelova, Email
CRA, Center for Research and Analysis


Hear from our Lab stakeholder Aneta Piperkova – Patient Advocate at the Bulgarian Society for Personalised Medicine

– Latest updates