AHHAA Science Centre

The aim of Science Centre AHHAA is to introduce science to everyone and encourage studying through the joy of discovery. In addition to trying out numerous ´hands-on´ exhibits on our various exhibitions, visitors of AHHAA can also take part in workshops, enjoy planetarium and science theatre shows. We also offer several special programmes for schools.

AHHAA will be involved in various activities in the project.

In order to develop a local case study on the topic of circular economy, AHHAA will conduct different interviews with stakeholders in the circular economy sphere to develop a case study in this field.

Then, AHHAA will be testing the public engagement tools developed by the project in different settings:  a design workshop with KET area application case owners who will co-create the testing process as well as in multi-stakeholder meetings featuring exercises that test the potential of citizen engagement.

Finally, AHHAA will take part in the design and build an exhibition on the basis of the outputs and outcomes of previous work packages and display it in the science centre.

Helin Haga, Email