TECNALIA is a Research and Technological Development, whose mission is to transform technology into GDP to improve people’s quality of life and prosperity, by creating business opportunities for companies. Our main scopes of action are digital transformation, advanced manufacturing, energy transition, sustainable mobility, health, and the urban ecosystem. 

TECNALIA is leading the test of the methodology and the tools offered in the SocKETs toolkit for industry to engage with citizens and stakeholders based on 6 case studies across Europe. TECNALIA is also responsible for the Spanish case study on Industrial Automation Systems and AI towards decent work and better industry.  In this test phase, industry and innovation actors will work co-creatively with citizens and other stakeholders, consumer representatives and societal stakeholders. Together, they will develop social innovation solutions using the SocKET toolkit. TECNALIA will organize the testing procedure, providing a homogeneous and coherence context for the experiment and according the schedule. Finally, Tecnalia will set up the project website and implement online the SocKETs Toolbox.


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