Danish Technological Institute

Danish Technological Institute main purpose is to develop, apply and disseminate research and technology-based knowledge for the Danish business community. This is done through development projects in collaboration with educational institutions in Denmark and abroad, through advice and standardization. The Danish Technological Institute considers its most important task to ensure that new knowledge and technology can be quickly translated into value for customers.

In the SocKET project, Danish Technological institute are involved in getting industry to engage with citizens in their development of new innovations based on key enabling technologies (KET) in E-Health monitoring and diagnosis solutions. In this involvement, interviews, focus groups, testimonials and workshops will be conducted. Danish Technological institute will recruit selective key stakeholders that will participate in different interactive event that Danish Technological institute will facilitate. In the end of this project, the content of this work will be used for the development of the SocKET’s toolbox for citizen engagement in industry. 

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