The SocKETs Estonian lab, coordinated by AHHAA, tackles the issue of circular economy and explores the country’s efforts in moving from a linear economy to a circular economy business model in various spheres, including energy production, construction, packaging and much more. Their investigation started with a first virtual meeting,

The 5 participants coming from various backgrounds and with different experiences in societal engagement, joined this online workshop last December. After presenting the conclusions of their local analysis of the circular economy ecosystem in the country, the Estonian lab managers presented the four main challenges that they identified within this field, to which was added a fifth, suggested by one of the participants:

  • Challenge 1: People’s resistance to accept circular economy technologies due to them being expensive
  • Challenge 2: Reluctance to welcome the circular economy switch because of potential cultural and geographical uproar
  • Challenge 3: Lack of local circular economy experts to lead the switch as opinion leaders, policy advisers etc.
  • Challenge 4: Lack of cooperation between local circular economy stakeholders
  • Challenge 5 (suggested by participants): the inconsistency of the government in reinforcing circular economy-driving measures, often accompanied by mixed messages and counteractions that provide financial support to linear economy solutions.

Challenge 4 has been selected by the majority of participants as the most relevant to them. They were then invited to reflect on practical societal engagement solutions that could help them tackle this challenge within their activity.

The second workshop will be the occasion to expand on these potential initiatives. Stay tuned!

Want to be involved in SocKETs?

If you want to join this societal engagement movement in Estonia, contact Helin, our Estonian SocKETs lab leader!