The past two workshops held by our Spanish SocKETs labs have been focused on identifying the main challenges for the development of Artificial Intelligence technology and automation systems within the industry. For their final activity, they gathered several actors of the field to focus especially on citizen engagement and awareness-raising about the potential of AI for the future of work.

The final workshop held by Tecnalia, our Spanish SocKETs lab based in the Basque Country, took place in June 2022. In order to find solutions to engage citizens in the development of AI in industry, participants from previous workshops have been invited to contribute to the discussion.

This session, entitled “Future professionals in the field of AI” was oriented to understand the implications of the adoption of AI into manufacturing regarding employment, labour market, labour relationships, and workplaces.

Prior to the meeting, and together with several stakeholders highly involved in SocKETs activities (IMH, Euskampus, Ibermática, CCOO, and Young Manufacturing Leaders), different ideas for societal engagement were developed aiming to help students envision AI-related careers of the future by learning from mentors that are already working on AI in the industrial sector.

Throughout several experts’ presentations, and participatory activities, attendees have been walked through the multiple benefits and opportunities offered by the development of AI technologies in the industry sector, but also engaging in the different challenges that these technologies pose for employment, labour relations and future jobs.

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