During their previous activities, the SocKETs Serbian lab has been dedicated to fostering a mutual dialogue between different actors in the eHealth Serbian landscape, in order to improve healthcare and quality of life in different domains. Their ultimate workshop was an opportunity for participants to contribute to a co-created plan and process for the establishment of a social media campaign raising awareness about the importance of the e-health landscape.

Our Serbian Lab hosted by CPN held their final workshop in May 2022. They were welcoming participants from various backgrounds and fields, with the relevant presence of representatives of citizen associations.

One of the main objectives of the workshops was to open the floor to participants to present themselves, and therefore offer them networking opportunities. Indeed, the different actors found similarities in their objectives and goals, although they were working in different fields and sectors. Fostering collaboration to improve e-health landscape is also one of SocKETs’ ambitions!

For the second part of the workshop, they worked collaboratively on building recommendations and suggestions for a successful and relevant social media campaign to promote the field of e-health.

Want to reach out to our Serbian SocKETs lab?

If you want to join this societal engagement movement in Serbia, reach Slavica, our SocKETs lab leader!