Throughout the SocKETs experimentation in Denmark, our lab hosted by DTI initiated a conversation with different actors in the field of healthcare and technology in order to identify and find solutions to the different challenges encountered in the development of e-health practices, especially in the case of products for elderly people. For their third and final workshop, they wanted to ensure the participation of citizens, by meeting them directly.

The last workshop hosted by our Danish lab took place in their own premises in June 2022. They wanted to focus this third workshop on citizen participation, which is why they focused their efforts on inviting citizens active in senior groups rather than inviting new companies and technology holders.

The aim of this session was to get citizens’ perspectives on how e-health product could impact their own life, and initiate discussion on how the e-health market could better meet their needs.

Through the presentation of several situations where e-health technology can play a role (such as being taken care of by a robot, or a home alarm system that can detect if the resident has fallen down or is ill.), participants were invited to express how they could envision their future or their everyday-life with such technologies.

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