The final workshop held by the Bulgarian SocKETs lab has been an occasion to have a look back on the work accomplished during the past two activities, and build on these achievements to conclude the lab’s efforts and envision the next steps.

CRA, our SocKETs lab based in Bulgaria, hosted their final workshop in May 2022. Participants from previous workshops have been invited to reflect on the lab’s activities.

They have been requested to define, in their opinion, which are the most important steps for the digital transformation of the medical system as well as consider how, from their position, they could take part in the process of digital transformation.

The workshop activities were designed in order to develop these ideas in order to find a sustainable version of this lab, which could continue its work and activities after the end of the SocKET’s project lifespan.

Stay tuned! In the next months, you might hear about a platform for future initiatives for the SocKETs laboratory activities! The aim is to collect and share online resources for digital healthcare

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