In Serbia, the SocKETs lab intends to improve dialogue between industry, science, and citizens to effectively apply KETs in the eHeatlh innovation ecosystem. Their first co-creation activity took place at the end of 2021, where several e-health stakeholders were invited to discuss the challenges of this field.

Participants had been first familiarised with the e-health landscape analysis undertaken by the CPN team at the beginning of the project.

Participants have been invited to reflect on the four challenges previously identified:

  • Cross-cutting KETs in e-health ecosystem
  • Flow of knowledge and transfer of technology
  • Facilitating e-health adoption in society
  • Knowledge and expert assessment of e-health

But they were also encouraged to supplement this list with the challenges/barriers/opportunities they face in their daily work.

This first workshop has been the occasion to have their opinion on issues such as data protection, protection of intellectual property (patents), protection of patients’ rights, and other legal regulations and policies related to e-health and healthcare digitalisation.

Finally, as most of the participants were already knowledgeable about societal engagement, they could share their experiences with the other stakeholders.

Want to be involved in SocKETs?

If you want to join this societal engagement movement in Serbia, reach Slavica, our SocKETs lab leader!