The Estonian SocKETs lab, hosted by AHHAA, is exploring society’s involvement in the development of circular economy processes in the country. After identifying the most relevant challenges for the field, and investigating a practical case during their previous workshops, the last meeting has been dedicated to finding innovative way to share and translate their co-creation journey into material for the SocKETs exhibition.

The final workshop of our Estonian lab took place on AHHAA’s premises, in May 2022. Representatives of different local companies have taken part in the concluding activity of SocKETs’ experimentation in Estonia. They have been walked through the previous activities, and then were put to work to shape the story of the lab that will be later presented to the general public within the SocKETs exhibition.

Their contribution focused on a general presentation of circular economy:

How could we define circular economy? – What are the benefits? – What are the common myths about this method? – Relevant examples of circular economy practices?

The floor was then opened to participants for them to share how they would envision the SocKETs exhibition, and especially the chapter dedicated to AHHAA’s lab.

Stay tuned… you will have the opportunity to learn more about the exhibition in 2023!

Want to reach out to our SocKETs lab?

If you want to join this societal engagement movement in Estonia, contact Helin, our Estonian SocKETs lab leader!